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DATE: February 13, 2024

CONTACTS: Amy Dowell | 


February 13, 2024 — The Right to Read CT Coalition, the Hartford Public School District, Hartford Parent University, Literacy How, and HILL for Literacy today announced that they are collaborating to provide training on evidence-based literacy strategies to Hartford parents. The goal of the training is to help parents to understand the changes to their children’s early literacy programming, as a result of the passage of Connecticut’s 2021 Right to Read legislation.

The training series, which was developed in coordination with the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), was made possible through a grant that was awarded by the Travelers Foundation, the charitable arm of Travelers. The first of three sessions took place last night.

Regarding the launch of this new effort, Hartford Superintendent Leslie Torres-Rodriguez made the following statement: “At Hartford Public Schools, we have shifted our practice to the Structured Literacy Model, and while we know significant improvements will take time, we are confident that this model provides our teachers with the tools they need to help our students succeed. When we all work together - our staff, our families, our community partners - like those who put together this learning session - great things are possible.”

“We are so proud to provide parents with this opportunity,” added Milly Arciniegas, Executive Director of Hartford Parent University. “By mobilizing the power of parents and families, we can help ensure a lasting change in how we build early literacy skills for all students.”  

“We know that families play an important role in shaping their children’s literacy skill development and are pleased to work with our partners to support Hartford Public Schools in this important work,” said Dr. Melissa Hickey, Director of CSDE’s Center for Literacy Research and Reading Success. “By reading to children, providing access to books and other reading materials, modeling good language use, and engaging in their children’s education, families can support literacy development and assist their children on the path to being prepared for learning, life, and work beyond school.”


About the Right to Read CT Coalition: 

Connecticut students are facing unprecedented academic challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, and inequity is on the rise for students most in need. However, all students have a right to read, and there’s a right way to teach them. The Right to Read CT coalition has been established to raise awareness and build support for this critical agenda. To learn more about this work and our partners please visit the website,


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