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About the Right to Read CT Coalition

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By 3rd grade, less than half of CT public school students meet grade-level expectations in English Language Arts. Connecticut also has wide gaps in reading attainment by race, reflecting an ongoing civil rights injustice.


We know there is a right method for literacy instruction—one that’s backed up by data proving that it works—and most CT schools simply aren’t using it. The Science of Reading is supported by educational researchers as the proven, most effective way to teach literacy skills. This is defined by the following key areas of reading: phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary development, reading fluency including oral skills, and reading comprehension.

In 2020, the Right to Read CT coalition was established to raise awareness and build support for a statewide effort to address this literacy crisis, based on the Science of Reading. 

In 2021, the Connecticut legislature passed the "Right to Read" legislation, which formally systematizes a statewide response to early literacy. Under the supervision of the newly formed Center for Literacy Research and Reading Success (the Center), it requires the state to oversee all related efforts, including: setting reading curriculum requirements for districts; establishing approved reading assessments to track progress; providing professional development to districts on implementing CT’s intensive reading intervention strategy and tiered reading supports; hiring external literacy coaches to support Alliance Districts; and coordinating with teacher preparation programs.

Together, we now monitor the progress of the state and districts as they implement the "Right to Read" legislation, collaborating with the Center and the State Department of Education; engaging with communities all over the state; raising public awareness about this effort and its progress; and presenting on panels across Connecticut.

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Coalition Members

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