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About: H.B. 6620 “AAC the Right to Read + Addressing Opportunity Gaps + Equity in Public Schools"

This legislation—introduced in 2021 by Senator Patricia Billie Miller with the support of her colleagues House Majority Leader Jason Rojas and Representative Brandon McGee—seeks to ensure that every Connecticut child has equitable access to reading opportunities, based on the latest cognitive and educational research about how students build literacy skills. States like Louisiana, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Colorado have done this important work and are receiving millions in federal resources to support similar efforts.

The bill represents a comprehensive approach to better preparing educators and students by: (1) systematizing the use of research-based literacy instruction in every school, and for every child; (2) expanding Connecticut’s homegrown intervention model, CK3LI; and (3) establishing a Center for Literacy Research and Reading Success that will:

  • Collect data on literacy programs in use in all districts;

  • Review implementation of reading curricula based on the science of reading;

  • Provide professional development and coaching to teachers in the science of reading; and

  • Collaborate with educator preparation programs to train aspiring teachers in the science of reading.

  • Steward Connecticut’s application for significant federal funding through the Comprehensive Literacy State Development grant.


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